08 December 2015

I know I'm really behind here, heck we're already a fourth of the way through December, but here's a little recap of Thanksgiving in Indiana... my first since 2007!

After two weeks of pies, and pies, and more pies, stuffing, bird, 'taters, and so much else, I must say I am happy to be back home in Chile where summer abounds, radishes can be pulled from the garden, and long sunny days keep us active. It was, however, wonderful to spend time with my family and friends, I miss you all already!

I must say that I think I know my way around a pie. 

What's your net weight in beans? 

Only way to make a moist bird is to get up close and personal.

pumpkin is really the easiest of pies and with Libby's its fail proof

so much relish tray...

few problems G&Ts can't solve... 
happy holidays :)


  1. Neither the turkey nor I look very beautiful in the picture with my arms up in him.

  2. I do find the picture with You doing a rectal exam of the Turkey a bit distrubing