13 December 2015

This weekend has been rainy and dark

... which reminds me exactly of when we went to find the tree right before I left Indiana! Summer rain in Chile is not quite the same as winter rain in Indiana, but both recent experiences have been torrential downpours. This weekend I have enjoyed hearing the pitter-patter on the roof from the safety of my cozy home, tree hunting in the rain was somewhat less enjoyable. But on the day after Thanksgiving, the show must go on! Tis' tree hunting day.

a tree farm like no other

drying off in the wreath barn!

despite the rain, the place was packed! lines of trees being wheeled up for wrapping

I think Happy found a good one.

Let us not forget the joy of tying the tree to the car. In the rain. 

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  1. Memories for Life. The "black and white" photo's are quite appropriate. It was certainly a grey day. I personally would rank it as one of the Best.