27 March 2016

Guess who showed up in Valdivia last week? Pedro!!

Our very good friend certainly did not take the shortest route to visit us, but he made it in style. For the past three months, Pedro was floating around in the wild Pacific on a raft, trying to make it to Chile using only prehispanic traveling technology. You can find the full story here. I sat transfixed in our living room as Pedro recounted the adventure- six meter swells, water rushing in the sleeping bag, rationing, wounds that wouldn't heal, sharks, mental breakdowns. Needless to say, I think that he was the most low-key visitor that we have had. Apparently it all you need is a dry bed and abundant oatmeal to impress a castaway. 

Pedro was with us for just a few short days, so we decided, what better way to treat our visitor? Put him to work! Send him back in the water! We did catch up on some R&R, but we also found time to make some tiny moorings and to go kayaking.

Pedro enjoying land

making moorings = piure traps

kayaking on Llanquihue!


  1. Hangin' with Pedro, just like old times. Glad Pedro is safe and sound, I know you took good care of him. Love, m

  2. Quite the adventure! Do You have any photo's of "the raft" ?

  3. Apparently there wasn't a barber on the boat with Pedro! Hope you guys had fun with him!