06 March 2016

Tirate en un charco!

While in Jardín, we asked some people where we could find a charco... or creek. They sent us to the perfect spot. Just outside of town, we wound our way around a dirt road, past men moving entire felled trees, and there it was. A beautiful flowing spring! We whole-heartedly fulfilled the Agudelo family vacation legacy by jumping of the rocks into the icy water below. We screamed, and swam around until we could take no more, and then we headed for lunch at a little mom-and-pop shop that is not only famous for its trout, but also for the panela that is made right on site!

sugar cane husks! it smelled sweet and damp, like forests in the fall

the mill used to squeeze the sugar cane

giant fire heated skillets to purify the sugar

I think more than one brother-in-law was jealous when I got served first!

only way to finish lunch is with a tinto!!

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  1. I want a Tinto and a cup of coffee. I don't know why, but the water looks really cold? Where did the Doggie come from?