17 April 2016

It was a big weekend, first lattice top, first berry pie!

I will admit, it wasn't perfect, the filling didn't completely thicken and ended up a bit runny, but I must say it was quite tasty. Here in southern Chile there is a native berry called murta. This time of year, los murtazos can be plucked ripe from the murta bush. They are sweet and rich. They have a full bodied flavor, like red wine, dark chocolate, leaves decaying in a forest. The other weekend when we went to the beach we picked up a family of murta harvesters looking for a ride to town. To repay us for the ride, the gave us a kilo of berries. Two cups of murta with three cups of blueberries yielded a dark purple seasoned filling. With autumn in full swing here, my enthusiasm for pie making has resumed. There is nothing like pie to warm you up on a brisk fall day.

the lattice top was surprisingly easy!

I couldn't resist tasting a bit of the juice peaking through the crust.

You don't need a fancy set up to make a great pie. My little kitchen affords me about two feet of counter space to work on. My tool kit includes a round cookie cutter (to cut the butter into the flour), a rolling pin, a pie dish, and heaps of flour :)


  1. Does a cute little apron help in the pie making process? Beautiful lattice top!

  2. I want a piece of that pie. Send me a slice please !