01 May 2016

I thought I would share a few more photos from our summer field trip.

These photos were taken (by Erwan) near Trauco, a small fishing village in Chile a little ways north of Concepcion. We got lucky after stopping at several random houses whose residents pointed us in the right direction towards the fishermen hangout. We then got doubly lucky when some fishermen said that they could help us harvest some piure. However, when someone says that they can do something for you in Chile, there is no telling when said task might get done. Lo hago al tiro could mean I'll do it in five minutes, several hours, tomorrow, next week, or really whenever I feel like it. In the end, though, we camped out on the steps to the caleta and enjoyed the scenery until we were delivered some freshly collected piure. 

We stopped at so many houses just like this one to ask for directions. I think I woke this lady up, and she was certainly surprised to have a gringa on her porch asking about piure.