08 May 2016

Pablo had been dreading this day for awhile. Since our trip to Colombia in February, his stash of homemade arepas had been dwindling. Thursday night quick arepa dinners and our Sunday morning ritual of arepa, quesito, y huevito had quickly demolished our supply of corn cakes trafficked from paisalandia

So, today, after finishing the last remaining arepa brought from Colombia, we went crazy. It was time to start some serious arepa production right here, at home, in Valdivia. A land not known for its corn-based cuisine. We scoured strange neighborhoods known for selling grains, and the tools to process them. We assured the helpful vendors, that no, we were not buying corn for our chickens, we were buying it for ourselves. You can imagine the look that they gave us. But with two and a half kilos of feed corn and a newly purchased food mill (fabricated in Colombia), we went to town. Six hours later, our freezer is stocked with fifty arepas. 

As one of the crucial steps in making arepa de maiz sancochado is cooling the corn after it has been cooked. Lacking a vessel large enough to hold all of the cooked corn, we got the ingenious idea to cool the corn in the lid of a bin. Worked very well :)


  1. Are these as good as His Momma Makes ?