15 May 2016

Reserva Yali

Today is a rainy, cold winter day, but I still have many unshared photos left from this summer to warm us up. The most beautiful beach that we went to was definitely the beach of Reserva Yali. I suppose it is so beautiful because it is so hard to get to. The beach and surrounding area are protected from litter-bugs and other miscreants. In fact, you have to make an appointment to go there. We were let in for scientific purposes. We thought we might be able to dip into the water to check on piure stocks in the area, but the exposed beach and seasonal swells, made it far too dangerous to get to snorkel. Regardless, after hours of driving to get to Yali, we enjoyed time out of the car spent walking on the beach, finding treasures left by the waves. 

The only traces of past visitors were footprints left in the sand.

The ozone hole above Chile can lead to brutal burns. This plus the frigid coastal breeze made me more than happy to cover up. My nickname on the trip was German Grandma. I embraced it socks with sandals and all!

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  1. I love the two pictures of You and Pablo walking away from the camera. How did You do that ?