06 September 2013

Midwest Roadtrip Finale

I just love those Heads, don't you?

We had a lot of fun in Chicago.  Before departing the city, we wandered around Millennium Park, watched the kids play in the fountains, and then made our way up Michigan Avenue.  We crossed the river and took in the refreshing lake breezes.  It is funny how that lake wind feels nice and cool and crisp in comparison to the salty, humid breeze that comes from the ocean (perhaps I will always be more of a lake girl).  When our legs felt like they had enough wandering around, we wandered some more and then we looked at our time-keeping-devices and found that we were late in meeting up with our friends!  So, we pushed it into high gear and more or less ran to Navy Pier where among the thousands of people, we finally found the boys.  Luckily, we were not too late and we were still able to catch a viewing of Shrek at the Shakespeare Theater.  Nothing like a bunch of over-educated nerds sitting amongst 200 first-graders and laughing our heads off at that Donkey.

Thanks Chicago for being so fabulous.

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  1. Random Response: Yes I do appreciate the Science on Saturday