01 September 2013

Midwest Roadtrip VI ....Chitown

The roadtrip that just keeps on going...  That's what we were thinking when driving from Minnesota to Chicago to meet up with yet more friends.  Reaching Chicago traffic after 5+ hours of driving is, 'ehem, not ideal, but after parking the car, relaxing a bit and then hitting the streets with camera in hand, I was really glad that we got to explore the Windy City.  Just after sunset, the city was aglow with twinkling lights along the streets and parks and even from boats on the lake.  We wandered around for awhile before meeting up with our pals from Saudi that just happened to be in the Midwest for the weekend.  We got some surprisingly tasty food at the House of Blues and listened to a crazy, salty-dog serenade us with Sweet Home Alabama and other classic tunes.  I am resoundingly not a city girl, but every once in awhile, I do really enjoy the excitement and artistic energy that urban areas provide.

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