22 September 2013

under NYC

Have I told you about my love for public transportation?

While parts of me are truly horrified by seats-where-have-sat-one-million-bottoms, handrails sticky with human scum, benches and corners where someone has most certainly urinated, and the general coagulation of so many people, but, the reigning part of me overrides these dislikes and revels in the awe that is the efficient movement of a populace.  Now, efficient I most certainly am not when I first look at the map of the underground.  I would be lost and helpless, forever wandering the swiss cheese layers of the subterranean realm, without my much more street-smart love by my side, guiding me along.  But, I must say, that after a few rides downtown and then back uptown, traversing various letters of the alphabet in tracks, I started to get the hang of it and oh-my how far you can travel so quickly and all the while getting to people-watch along the way.

Thank you New York City subway.  You might be a bit gritter than the Métro de Paris, and a whole lot  less taken care of than the MTR in Hong Kong, and not as sky-high as the Metro Cable, but you got us where we needed to go.  And we had fun along the way!

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  1. I impressed and intrigued by the picture "through the window, couple"